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Oct 15, 2012 12:55am EDT
iowa for a long-shot candidate named senator barack obama. he did a marvelous job in iowa and he does a marvelous job with everything he does, senator mike blake. >> hello, virginia. let's give another round of applause to governor patrick. of all the places that the governor could be, him being in virginia 24 days until a election day shows how important virginia is. it shows that barack obama will win virginia. chairmen moran will be coming up momentarily. somebody who is committed and reminds us that this is not just about an election. this is about everyday lives. thank you to all of the volunteers here today. let's be very clear to. this is a very clear choice in this election about going forward or going back. 24 days from today, we have to re-elect barack obama as our president. why do we have to reelect barack obama? 32 million americans have health care right now off because he stood up to make sure that health care got done. in 24 days, we will tell you why barack obama needs to be reelected president. kids need to graduate from school because of a doubling pell grants. what
Oct 14, 2012 9:55pm EDT
into obama's waterloo. the senate republican leader said the republican senate agenda is to defeat obama. this was three years and 11 months before the 2012 election. nobody in the republican caucus, except for olympia snowe, would talk to the democrats about the bill. i had been a child during the 1930 depression. i did not want to see another depression. my father, who was a russian immigrant, in 1930, found that he called it -- we live in wichita. my father packed up the family where he had a sister. in depressions, that is what families do. they moved in with one another. to survive. those were really tough times. i had been there. it was plain the vote was going to be highly precarious. it turned out to be just that. that single vote out of 10,000 turned out to be the problem which i had. that has created a situation where, senator collins and senator snowe, for example, would not cross again. we had a case called citizens united, which was pretty well known. the supreme court of the united states decided that corporations and unions could make up limited financial contributio
Oct 14, 2012 6:30pm EDT
organizing in iowa for a long shot candidate named senator barack obama and he did a great job then and with everything he touches. and he joins us today. michael. >> thank you. let's give another round of aplause to governor deval patrick. of all the places the governor could be, him being here in virginia 24 days before election day shows the importance of virge. that's another reason why president obama is going to win on election day. to sharon it's always good to have people who remind us of why we do this work. someone who is committed and reminds us this is about everyday life and so thank you for what dow and thank you for all the volunteers and thank you to all the people here today. everyone let's be clear, this is a very clear choice that we have in this election about going forward or backward. and we all know that 24 days from today we have to go forward and elect president obama as our president. why? 32 million americans have healthcare right now because president obama stood up to make sure healthcare got done. [applause] in 24 days let's be reminded about what's at
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3